White storefront sign for Providence Church

Back in the middle ages, most noble households had a sigil and flag. These flags and sigils had their own unique colors that gave people a lot of information about the families behind them. For example, red was used to show passion, fearlessness, and overwhelming determination while pink was used to show maturity and friendliness. In today’s time, we may not have grand houses carrying around flags, but we still use colors to convey certain messages and meanings. This practice is especially used in the business world where gaining client attention is paramount to having a successful business. What does each color mean? How do I choose the right one for my business? Our design specialists at Signs by Randy have created an extensive guide that can help you decide what colors are best for your outdoor sign.

General Rule of Thumb

When it comes to catching people’s attention, the bolder the color, the more eye-catching it is. This is why our guide is only going to focus on colors that have been shown to work well for businesses when it comes to advertising and outdoor signs.


The color red is definitely pleasing to the eye. Excluding white, silver, and black, red is one of the most chosen colors people use for their vehicles. This is due to the feeling of warmth, passion, and courageousness it portrays. Red is a bold color that grabs people’s attention almost as soon as it catches their eye. Using it for your outdoor sign can show that your business is determined and fearless, which are great traits for any business to have. Matching red with other colors, such as white, will help make the red pop, grabbing people’s attention even further.


Orange is a great color due to its ability to be bright or a subtle burnt orange. Whether you are using orange as an accent or main color, it invokes a feeling of creativity, joy, and liveliness. It is also a comfort color, as it is often seen in nature during the fall months with pumpkins, the changing leaves, and Halloween decorations. For businesses, orange is a great color for services that promote growth, whether that be educational, finances, or entertainment.


Yellow and black storefront sign for Frankies Mexican CuisineThe human eye naturally levitates to yellow first. As one of the brighter colors in this list, it has the huge advantage of commanding people’s attention. On the other side, too much yellow can be a turn-off for some people, so it needs to be paired with a complementary color that will draw back its brightness a bit, such as red or blue. Yellow creates a feeling of loyalty and happiness, or in some cases, youth. When used as lettering, it can help make words pop or grab the eye.


Green is often associated with wealth, new beginnings, growth, and goodwill. It is a strong color that is often associated with financing business, garden centers, environmental agencies, but can also be applied to other businesses. For example, Habitat for Humanity, a non-governmental building, paired the colors of their logo, blue and green, to create a feeling of togetherness and goodwill. Green brings an earthy and environmental feel to businesses, which is attractive to the eye and people’s moral codes.


Blue is one of the most popular colors used in the business world. This is due to the feelings of confidence, professionalism, and maturity that it instills. Businesses, such as technology companies, security companies, and law firms, often rely on the color blue to help grab their clients’ attention and let them know that they mean business. Blue can also help instill a feeling of peace when used with other colors, such as green or a lighter shade of blue, such as turquoise.


Purple is the darkhorse among our chosen colors, as it holds a lot of weight. Back in medieval times, purple was seen as the color of royalty. Today, it still holds much of the same weight, but this time adding in a more luxurious feel. Some clients might shy away from a business that uses too much purple in their outdoor signs, as they may feel that the business is out of their price range. Combined with other colors though, purple can be a nice eye-catching color that invites people in. Some colors that are often paired with purple include lighter reds and pinks.

Outdoor Signs That Wow Your Clientele

When it comes to designing a stunning outdoor sign for your business, color makes a big difference. Signs by Randy can help you achieve your perfect design with our expert team of designers who create brilliant and eye-catching pieces. Contact us today for more information on our services and find out how we can bring a bit more color to your business.