How to Make Your Business Thrive With Outdoor Signs

White storefront sign for Providence Church

When you run a business, you want to make sure you take advantage of every tool at your disposal to give yourself the best chance at success. One of the most important tools you can invest in is an outdoor sign. Not only are they excellent advertising, they’re an important part of creating a recognizable […]

Can Signs Repel Rather Than Attract Customers

Wood and bridge sign for an apartment complex

The goal of every business owner is to attract potential customers, not turn them away. To better achieve that goal, the FedEx Office created surveys through Ketchum Global Research & Analytics to better understand what drove consumers into a store and what drove them away. Seventy-Six percent of consumers said that they entered a store […]

How to Light an Outdoor Sign

The exterior of a building at night with a lit storefront sign for Murphy Learning Center

Using lighting to improve the visibility and appearance of your outdoor sign is a great way to increase the amount of attention it gets. The type of signage that you have – in addition to its placement and size – will determine what lighting systems you should use. Here are the 3 most important questions […]

Ways to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Storefront sign for TRG Designer Mall

Business curb appeal refers to the look of your storefront and the surrounding area when viewed from the street or sidewalk. This includes not only the actual front of your building but also the landscaping and parking. Putting in the effort to improve your business’s curb appeal can pay off by bringing in more customers, […]

Four Questions to Ask When Buying an Outdoor Sign

Cement and wooden sign for arborilogical services company

Whether it’s a billboard, an outdoor sign, or a sidewalk sign pointing towards your business, you want it to look enticing. Customers have various different options to choose from, so you want to portray your services quickly and convincingly. However, which outdoor sign would be best for you and how do you know the company you […]

Decorating Your Business for the Holidays

Black banner with silver lettering hanging from a table with decorations and a birthday cake

The holidays are an extremely busy time of the year for businesses. People are searching for last-minute gifts. Others are looking to settle any accounts to give them a fresh start for the new year. Some are looking for a place to rest or explore as they travel to see family and friends. But what […]

How to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Door

Vinyl window decal for Pancake House & Grill restaurant

Your business is only as successful as the connection you build with the clients/customers that come through your door. When a business is just starting out or another one is building up around it, you may notice slower traffic to your store. So, how do you increase your foot traffic? While putting out flashy balloons […]

What Are the Best Colors for Outdoor Signs?

White storefront sign for Providence Church

Back in the middle ages, most noble households had a sigil and flag. These flags and sigils had their own unique colors that gave people a lot of information about the families behind them. For example, red was used to show passion, fearlessness, and overwhelming determination while pink was used to show maturity and friendliness. […]

How to Make a Vinyl Sign

Billboard sign for auto merchant company

Your company’s logo or business slogan should be recognized by your employees and your clients. There is no better way to display these than a vinyl sign to hang outside of your office building or in the front lobby. Designing and making a vinyl sign for your business can be a fun DIY project that […]

What are the Different Types of Outdoor Signs?

Big Daddy

In a recent study, 50 percent of business owners said that their onsite business sign was the driving factor in making the community aware of their presence. Word of mouth came in second, and newspaper and radio were found to be way less effective than signage. So what are the different types of outdoor signs? Read on […]