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Whether you want to protect your car’s paint job, make your car look different for a while, or you’re looking for a way to get noticed, a custom vehicle wrap could be the answer. Here’s everything you need to know about these wraps so you can decide if they’re right for you:

1. Vehicle Wraps Can be an Effective Marketing Tool

Whether for business, charity events, or organizations, a vehicle wrap can be one of the best kinds of marketing tools around. Everywhere your vehicle goes, so will the message on the wrap. This can lead to viewers contacting the business, donating to the charity, or attending the event that’s being advertised.

Depending on where the vehicle is being driven and how long the wrap stays on, there could be up to 30,000-70,000 impressions every day. That’s a lot of people seeing your social media information or noticing your charity or event. While not everyone will respond to or be interested in what you have to say, the more people see it, the greater chance you have of gaining new customers.

Reaching a lot of people without having to do a lot of work is basically a dream come true for marketers, and a vehicle wrap can help do just that. On the road, in parking lots, and at community events, vehicle wraps make it easy to see what your company or organization is offering — and that can lead to a lot more customers, over time. 

2. Higher Resale Value

Blue and white work van with black vinyl decal lettering

If you want to keep a good resale value on your car, one of the best ways to do that is through a car wrap that protects the paint.

A full custom vehicle wrap will protect the vehicle’s finish from dings, scratches, and sun damage. When you plan to sell the vehicle, whether it’s a work truck, a personal car, or anything in between, the wrap can be removed easily.

Since the car is protected the whole time you’re driving it around, the resale value of it will be much higher than if you had a car that had wear and tear on it from the road.

This means you should be able to get the most for your car when you trade it for something else, or when you resell it to a private buyer before you buy something new.

3. Painting Your Car Often Costs More Than Getting a Wrap

If you want to change the color of your car or add a cool graphic to your work vehicles for your company, you really only have two options: use a car wrap or get a paint job. A high-quality paint job can cost between $3,000 and $10,00 per vehicle depending on the color and the quality of the paint that’s being used.

The price can go up, too, if you want custom graphics added. But a car wrap typically costs around $3,000 to $8,000. The price variation is based on what graphics and materials are being used. A chrome wrap will be more expensive, but many of the simpler wraps in standard colors are toward the lower end of the price range for the average vehicle.

Painting does last longer than a vehicle wrap, but wraps are more effective at promoting a business or company you want to advertise. They’re also the more convenient choice in that you can change them out anytime you want, so you can update your message or brand. You can also change the color on your personal vehicle more easily that way, without the need to have it repainted

Considerations When Getting a Car Wrap

Blue transport van with vinyl decals for a children's academy
Car Wrap

It’s important to be clear that car wraps aren’t going to serve as cover-ups for previous damage. They’re thin and they cling tightly to the surface of the vehicle, showing off that car’s shape very clearly. That’s great for a really nice car, but can be a problem if you’re using it to cover up the damage.

If you have a bad or uneven paint job, dings, or scratches that were previously done, those will show through the wrap in a lot of cases. Scratches, dings, and any paint that’s chipping or peeling should be taken care of before you invest in a car wrap. That way, it will look its best — and so will your car — when the wrap is applied. 

Car wraps also have to be maintained. You don’t want to just put it on and then assume you don’t need to do anything to keep it looking great. Just like you would take care of your car’s original paint or a new paint job, be sure to invest some time into taking care of your car wrap, too.

To get the most from your vehicle’s wrap and keep it looking good for as long as possible, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on it. Parking it in the shade or in a garage, for example, will help the wrap last longer because it’ll be out of the sun. You’ll also want to wash the car regularly so dirt and grime that gets picked up from the road doesn’t start to damage the vinyl. By taking good care of your vehicle wrap, it can last and look great for a very long time.

Think a Car Wrap is Right for You?

If you’re ready to get a car wrap or you want to find out more, reach out to us at Signs by Randy today. We’ll help you get your questions answered so you can decide if a car wrap is right for you.

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