Red work truck with white decals for remodeling company

Decals are a fantastic way to promote your business, your own unique style, or just show off the love for your favorite band or tv show. Unfortunately, all of these things have the ability to change over time, meaning that your decal is no longer relevant and needs to be replaced. Removing a decal from your car can seem like an impossible task, but there are multiple ways that you can remove your decal safely from your car without causing damage. Here are a few tips on how to safely remove your decal from your car.

Heat Things Up

Your hairdryer has many wonderful uses. Safely removing a decal from your car just happens to be one of them. Before you pull out the hairdryer though, you will need to prepare the decal for removal. Get a damp washcloth and gently run it over the decal. This will help to remove any surface grime for the decal and your car, which would prevent the hairdryer from doing its job correctly.

Next, take out your trusty hairdryer and switch it to the hottest setting. Turn it on and go over the decal. Make sure you do not place the hairdryer directly on the sticker, instead, keep it a few inches over it. For the best results, you can start at the center of your decal and work slowly towards the edges. This will ensure that the glue underneath the edges is still warm when you begin to peel it away from your car. With an old credit card or a plastic scraper, you can use it to push away the decal from your car’s surface. Do not panic if the decal tears a bit as this is pretty common. Continue the scraping process until the decal is completely removed. Finally, run an old rag with some tree sap remover or detailing spray over the area where the decal was to remove any leftover glue or dirt.


WD-40 is a versatile chemical that has plenty of different uses. While most people use it to keep their door hinges from squeaking, it can also be used to safely remove your decal from your car. First, you need to peel back one of the edges of the decal and spray WD-40 at it as you continue to lift the edge. Continue this process until all of the decal is removed. The WD-40 cancels out the adhesiveness of the glue, which is why it is so easy to remove. Just make sure you clean the area well with soap and water or take your car to the car wash to remove the WD-40 from the body of your car.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an invaluable tool when it comes to cleaning. To use it to remove your decal, you will need to pour some on a paper towel and use it to wet the entire decal. Wait for a few minutes and then use a plastic putty knife wrapped in a dishtowel to scrape the decal until it is entirely removed. This method will help you avoid scratching the car. Next, use soap and water to remove the vinegar smell from your car and to remove any remaining glue.

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