Storefront sign for TRG Designer Mall

Business curb appeal refers to the look of your storefront and the surrounding area when viewed from the street or sidewalk. This includes not only the actual front of your building but also the landscaping and parking. Putting in the effort to improve your business’s curb appeal can pay off by bringing in more customers, boosting revenue, and giving a more positive first impression. The better a store looks, the more likely it is that people will feel comfortable and persuaded to spend their money there.

How Can I Improve My Business’s Curb Appeal?

This, of course, begs the question of how to improve business curb appeal. Considering how many elements contribute to this quality, the list is long.


Storefront signs are a fundamental aspect of your business’s image. They must be visible and readable; customers can’t be expected to take the extra time to find or make sense of a sign, especially if they’re not already familiar with your business. And if they have heard of your business through word of mouth or advertising, it is important that they are able to easily locate your store so that buzz doesn’t go to waste.

Upkeep of grounds

Taking the effort to have tidy grounds is a very visible indicator of how much effort you put into your business. If your grounds don’t look well-cared-for and welcoming, potential customers may assume the same of the business they belong to. Make sure to have clean windows and cut grass at a bare minimum. Putting out flowers and other potted plants can make your business seem even more welcoming and provide a pop of color to help it stand out. Finally, touch-up fading paint jobs to keep the store looking fresh and vibrant.

Creative Window Displays

Window displays are a perfect way to show off promotions or seasonal merchandise. An excellent window display can convert window shoppers into paying customers, especially if you display something so well that it seems like something they simply must have for themselves. A gorgeous window display can also expand your customer base by coaxing some customers to enter, especially if there is a sale or promotion.

Sidewalk Displays

Sidewalk displays are like a more engaging, and therefore potentially more effective, version of a window display. They allow passersby to interact with products or taste samples, not merely see them through the glass. Seeing firsthand how excellent the products incorporated into the window display are may encourage customers to enter your store to see what other wonders it contains. Even if they don’t currently have the time to explore your store, it may convince them to purchase whatever they were able to experience and return at a later date to see what else is available.

A Pristine Parking Lot

If your business has designated parking, do the best to keep the parking lot free of cracks and the painted lines updated to avoid fading and confusion. Remember, the less effort it takes an individual to get into your store, the more likely it is they’ll actually make it inside.


Make sure any cracks in the pavement leading into your store are fixed to maintain a clean-looking and safe environment. Another part of maintaining a safe environment is making sure steps and railings are secure. Any irregularities, such as a spider web of cracks on the ground or rusty and drooping railings, will detract from the overall curb appeal of your business. Finally, place trash cans outside of your business to prevent litter from ending up on the sidewalk or walkways.

Your Perfect Storefront Sign

A large part of business curb appeal is simply making sure that nothing detracts from your storefront, whether it’s a faded parking lot, patches of dead grass, or litter-laden walkways. It’s important so customer attention can be focused on your sidewalk displays, window arrangements, and most importantly, your storefront sign. Your storefront sign is the main identifier of your business and in many ways. It’s the image that customers will most associate with your business. The skilled team at Signs by Randy will deliver the storefront sign of your dreams to represent your business, so make sure to call us today!